Yakushev A.Zh. Formation of Innovative Consciousness as One of the Key Aspects of Ensuring the Innovative Scenario of Economic Development

DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu3.2015.4.14

Aleksey Zhanovich Yakushev
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Senior Researcher,
Associate Professor, Department of Organizational and Administrative Innovations,
Russian Academy of Economics named after G.V. Plekhanov
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Stremyanny Lane, 36, 117997 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The present article is devoted to questions of formation of consciousness of decision-making persons, and consciousness roles at management of innovative development which is considered as a necessary condition of steady growth, especially in the conditions of the current crisis. Ensuring development of Russia as social and economic system, demands wide use of technical, organizational and administrative, and social innovations that can’t be reached without distribution of innovative consciousness. The consciousness determines character of decisions on an exit from a crisis situation, in particular by overcoming “a raw damnation”. Innovative consciousness allows to identify challenges adequately and to realize effective system of actions on the basis of the systematized threats. In these circumstances the consciousness becomes economic factor, one of the most important drivers of growth. Using the system and systemic-functional analysis, as well as the theory of crisis management, the author reveals a role of innovative consciousness in overcoming crisis situations, and also the factors defining formation of innovative consciousness in Russia. In this article the model according to which any consciousness, including innovative, is defined by cumulative influence of ideology, outlook, the social and economic stimulation given to the system corresponding to national model of management is offered. It is shown that in Russia, distribution of innovative consciousness as dominating for the persons making the decision can be reached at correction of the most mobile factors forming consciousness, ideologies, and socio-economic stimulation. Results of the work are intended for federal and regional authorities of Russia, managing directors of innovation development of economics.
Key words: strategic management, challenges, cognitive factors of economic development, innovative development, innovative consciousness, crisis management.

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