Ruslan E. Mansurov
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor,
Director of Zelenodolsk Branch of Kazan Innovation University named after V.G. Timiryasov
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Rogacheva St., 4, 422544 Zelenodolsk, Russian Federation

Abstract. The relevance of this work is determined, on the one hand, by tightening of the foreign political situation and its possible negative impact on the food security of the country, and, on the other hand, by the crisis of the domestic agricultural sector. These factors demand the development of new approaches to regional agroindustrial complex (AIC) management. The aim is to develop a methodology for assessing the level of food self-sufficiency in main food areas of the Volgograd region. The author used the results of the statistical materials of AIC of the Volgograd region for 2016. The analytical methods included mathematical analysis and comparison.
The main results are as follows. Based on the analysis of the current situation to ensure food security of Russia it was proved that at the present time it is necessary to develop effective indicators showing the level of self-sufficiency in basic food regions. It was also revealed that at
the moment this indicator in the system of regional agrarian and industrial complex is not controlled.
As a result of generalization of existing approaches the author’s method of rating the level of self-sufficiency of regions was offered. Its testing was carried out in several districts of the Volgograd region. The proposed authoring method of rating estimation of self-sufficiency in basic foodstuffs can be used in the regional agroindustrial complex management system at the federal and local levels. It can be used to rank areas in terms of their self-sufficiency in basic foodstuffs. This allows us to focus on the development of backward areas of agro-food and make appropriate management decisions. The final rating value - 0.759 obtained by the results of analysis of the situation in the Volgograd region means that the situation in matters of selfsufficiency in basic foodstuffs in general is good. However, we should aim at the maximum possible value of the rating - 1. In the application of the proposed methodology for the assessment of the situation in various regions of the country it is possible to compare and evaluate the situation with the development of appropriate management decisions.
Key words: food security, food self-sufficiency, regional management of agroindustrial complex, rating assessment, regional development of agroindustrial complex.

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