Rudich S.B. The Methodology of Styding Innovative Processes in Regional Socio-Economic Systems


Slavko Brankovich Rudich
Candidate of Economic Sciences,
Associate Professor, Department of State and Municipal Management,
North-Caucasus Federal University
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Pushkina St., 1, 355009 Stavropol, Russian Federation

Abstract. The basis of modern methodology of styding innovative processes in the regional socio-economic systems should be represented both well-known general methodological approaches such as neo-classical economic theory, the theories of institutional and evolutionary economics, systematic approach, and relatively new (structural, block-modular, lego-effect principle, network approach). Moreover, in the modern conditions of economic landscape globalization and corresponding meso-economic space structuring, it is necessary to rectify the earlier perceptions of territorial innovation systems to positions of regional relativism, which implies, on the one hand, the regional rootedness, and on the other hand, global openness of regional innovation systems as nodal connections in global innovation network. We should consider the regional innovation system in accordance with changing circumstances in the innovative process nature and in the role of regions in world socioeconomic system, as a block-modular system of high resistance, with lego-effect, when as a result of incidental creative research we can get an unexpected elements configuration. Consequently, structural approach, the essence of which is in the thorough research of organizational infrastructure, cultural superstructures, as well as the base structure allocation of innovation system, should be one of the dominant approaches in the study of innovation processes in regional socio-economic systems. We should consider innovation activity as social networked process based on the system of formal and informal institutions, organizational structures, as well as coded and uncoded knowledge taking into account that on the regional level the latter have determining role. Moreover, the determinant of such activity study is analysis of the relationships between all elements.
Key words: innovative process, regional innovation system, methodology, structural approach, network approach, block-modular structure, lego-effect.

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