Bukhvald E.M. Municipal Level of Strategic Planning: Economic and Legal Problems

DOI: https://doi.org/10.15688/jvolsu3.2016.4.4

Evgeniy Moiseevich Bukhvald
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor, Chief Researcher,
Head of Centre for Federal Relations and Regional Development,
Institute of Economics, RAS
Prosp. Nakhimovskiy, 32, 117281 Moscow, Russian Federation;
Chief Researcher,
Institute of Legislation and Comparative Legal Studies at the Government of the Russian Federation
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B. Cheremushkinskaya St., 34, 117218 Moscow, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article focuses on the need of integration of municipal government into a unified hierarchy of strategic planning in the country. The basic positions of the acting version of the Federal law no.131 “On general principles of organization of local self-government” and the Federal law no. 172 “On strategic planning” don’t provide clear legal framework for the solution of this problem. Besides, the practical integration of municipal management into a unified hierarchy of strategic planning meets serious economic obstacles, the main of which consist in the negative situation within the system of local finance, characterized by trends of deficiency, high dependence on subsidies and, as a consequence, volatility and lack of predictability in relation to any plans and programs of long-term nature. The main idea of the article is to prove the need for a systemic approach to solving tasks, related to the integration of municipal management in a unified vertical of strategic planning in the country. The essence of this approach is the combination of a number of legal innovations in the legislation on strategic planning and local government with a set of measures, aimed to strengthen the fiscal basis of Russian local self-government together with institutional ensuring of municipal planning and its interaction with the practice of strategic planning at the level of subjects of the Russian Federation.
Key words: strategic planning, local self-government, legislative basis, municipal programs, local finance, inter-budget relations.

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