Pankova L.A. Directions of Development of International Production Specialization Theory in Terms of Integration


Lidiya Aleksandrovna Pankova
Postgraduate Student, Department of Personnel Management and Sociology,
Rostov State Economic University
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Bolshaya Sadovaya St., 69, 344002 Rostov-on-Don, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article is devoted to the definition of directions of development of the theory of international production specialization in terms of integration based on new trends in various areas of international business. The author proposes a new concept of international industrial specialization in terms of integration. As a result of research the author came to the conclusion that in the current economic conditions the need for a free market constraints associated with the deepening global market failures is becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, in the process of international specialization of production in the conditions of integration of the country should be guided not by comparative advantage in the production of certain goods or services, but also by other criteria. These criteria are: financial criterion determining the financial situation in the country, the trade criterion, reflecting the possibility of benefiting from international trade, technological criterion, considering the technological security of the country in the field of specialization and the cyclical criterion, reflecting the situation in the world economy and the level of integration of the country. On the basis of these criteria, the author identifies three categories of countries according to their ability to benefit from an international industrial specialization in the integration process: effective export, export-neutral and export-inefficient countries.
Key words: international industrial specialization, integration, globalization, international trade, free market, disintegration.

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