Usacheva I.V. The Interregional Statistical Analysis of Energy Resources Consumption in the Housing-and-Municipal Sphere of the Russian Economy


Irina Vitalyevna Usacheva
Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant Professor,
Department of Mathematical Methods and Computer Science in Economics,
Volgograd State University
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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. According to the policy on increasing tariffs in the housing-and-municipal sphere, and also energy saving and increase of energy efficiency, the statistical analysis of volumes of energy resources consumption by the population of Russia is urgent. The Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation developed a comprehensive plan of actions for increasing the efficiency of energy resources use in all sectors of economy. The article contains the statistical analysis of volumes of consumption of such energy resources as thermal energy, gas, cold and hot water supply, electric power. Histograms of distribution of volumes of energy resources consumption on groups are made. The comparative analysis of median values of consumption with standards is carried out. As a result of the research it is revealed that in the studied households average values of the actual indicators of consumption on such energy resources as heat supply, cold and hot water supply and gas supply considerably exceed standard indicators. Therefore, standard values are strongly underestimated that can lead to an aggravation of a problem of commercial losses and the dropping-out income at the power supplying enterprises, and also to the further growth of tariffs for these energy resources. Values of the actual electricity consumption are almost twice lower than the average standard of consumption on 1 person that can be first explained with influence of direct dependence of standard value on a number of people, registered in living space, and secondly, with the underestimated data which transfer households to the power supplying companies. Thus, there is need of introduction of the automated system of the accounting of power supply and absolute equipment by metering devices of consumers on the studied energy resources, according to the program of energy efficiency increase and energy resources saving in all regions of the Russian Federation.
Key words: energy resources, consumption volumes, standards, median values, energy saving and energy efficiency.

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