Sidorov V.A. In the Paradoxes of Casual Processes: Self-Organization of Economic Systems

Sidorov Viktor Aleksandrovich
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Professor,
Head of the Department of Theoretical Economy,
Kuban State University
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Stavropolskaya St., 149, 350040 Krasnodar, Russian Federation

Abstract. The article reveals the problem of economic knowledge susceptibility in the system of changing analytic methods. The resolution of the issue on the ways of further development is possible only on the basis of support on modern scientific methodology, not on abstract ideological and theoretical dogmas. Unfortunately, now in Russia the methodological bases of the economic analysis are substantially lost. Moreover, the current research do not contain information about them. This circumstance forces to raise the question not only of the demand for methodological functions of economic science, but also its basic elements represented by economic laws, in particular. There is an urgent need of identifying the actual nature of objective processes and the phenomena in economic systems, the self-similarity of which provides the possibility of applying the fractal analysis at their identification. The author’s hypothesis of self-similarity of economic objects is described in the paper. The hypothesis of fractal character of economy means that the structure of each of its levels – global, national and corporate – has much in common, therefore, the structural changes happening at the main level are inevitably transferred to the others. As a result, there is a possibility of the anticipation of inevitable transformations. This process will be described on the example of an economic form. The paper includes the key parameters of self-organization of social and economic life in the scope of which it is shown that the relations between people in a social production lay at the heart of laws of social and economic formations development. The possible directions of using the new method of analysis are given.
Key words: еconomic science, methodology, way of production, phenomena and processes, self-similarity, level of economy, economic form, perfect society.

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