Batmanova V.V. Vectors of Use in Russian Regions of the American Experience of the Realization of the Programs of Regional Development

Batmanova Victoria Victorovna
Associate Professor, Department of International and Regional Economics,
Volgograd State University,
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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Аннотация. The main regulators of the territorial development are integrated targeted programs of economic, social and other development of a region. Every program usually presents a complex of targeted scientific and research, project, production, social and research, social and economic, organizational and managerial and other measures realized at the state participation agreed in terms of realization and executives. They ensure an efficient solution of tasks of regional development in the sphere of economic, science and technical or ecological development of a region (subject of the federation, economic region, zone, city and so on).

In modern Russia the realization of territorial megaprojects as an important tool of the strategic territorial management is becoming the manifestation of contemporary institutional, organizational and informational transformations of the economic space of the global economic system. In contrast to financial investments, megaprojects are oriented on a real material result, having a considerable prolonged impact on the changes in the economic space. 

The article provides the analysis of the international (American) experience in the realization of the territorial megaprojects within the strategic territorial development. Author assumes that the study of the American experience of the realization of territorial development programs has an important role for the modernization of the Russian strategic territorial management.

The article provides the conclusion that the Tennessee River Authority is a flexible and adaptable for the situation structure responding to the challenges of the time and possessing definite goals for the development. On the basis of the experience of the corporation Russia can use the following directions: to set concrete goals, to use perspective technologies (energy saving), support in the region of the functioning of the enterprises due to its social responsibility.

The working experience of the Regional Commission of the Appalachia is interesting by the fact that within its limits not only economic but also important social goals are set: poverty elimination, creation of working places, population education and training. At the same time one of the constituents of the projects financed at its expense is the infrastructure and diversification of the available economic specialization. The inseparable part of the planning is the economic assessment not only of the region but also smaller territorial units and the following correcting of the targets when necessary. The practice of the financing of concrete projects directed towards the development of the territory is found interesting. From the point of view of the management the creation of the specialized authority is important that will be responsible for the regional development and the access of the local citizens to federal programs. This type of the model can be used for depressive and problematic regions of Russia, for instance of the North Caucasus or the Far East.

Key words: integrated programs of regional development, Tennessee River Authority, Appalachian Regional Commission, regional management, strategic management, territorial development.

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