Voloshina Anastasiya Yuryevna
Сandidate of Economic Sciences, Doctoral Candidate, Department of World and Regional Economy, Volgograd State University
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Prosp. Universitetsky, 100, 400062 Volgograd, Russian Federation

Abstract. Mega-clusters as the modern phenomena of mega-economy development remain insufficiently investigated objects that require clear categorial definition and classification. This is important for more comprehensive use of the cluster form of economic space organization, considering the fact that successful functioning of clusters is becoming a vital factor in improving the competitiveness of countries from their allocation. Mega-cluster is described in the article as an inter-branch complex of independent organizations that interact with each other on the contractual basis and represent the group of core and related business units, neighboring on a compact area or in profiled interlocking territories of one or more countries, complementing each other in the overall production of the final product in a single chain of utility and value creation within the mega-processes and mega-projects in the common interests. As a separate problem of theoretical study of mega-clusters as isolated mega-economic space phenomena, the problem of terminology and classification unification is identified, the solution of which is impeded by the insufficient theoretical comprehension and use of megaclusters in science and practice.
The process of mega-clusters classification requires the justification of criteria differentiation system in the frameworks of semantic integration in the specific, profiled and clearly localized mega-economic formation. From the position of the roots (origin) and allocation (basing) unity the author distinguishes national mega-clusters, emerging in the space of one national economic mega-city or mega-region; binational mega-clusters formed in the space of frontier type mega-regions; multinational mega-clusters, created in the space of mega-regions, covering extended territories across several countries or international transport corridors. 

Key words: global economy, mega-economy, mega-cluster, economy clusterization, national cluster, binational cluster, multinational cluster.

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