Alexander V. Plyakin

Doctor of Sciences (Economics), Head of the Department of Applied Economics and Management, Volzhsky Institute of Economics, Pedagogy and Law, Sovetskaya St, 6, 404104 Volzhsky, Russian Federation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Abstract. The article discusses the object, subject, methodological approaches and technologies of spatial analysis, taking into account the principles of the evolutionary-genetic theory of production factors, created by Professor O.V. Inshakov. It has been established that the object of spatial analysis is a complexly structured, hierarchically ordered global economic space that corresponds to the global economic system and is formed as a result of the interaction of natural-economic and economic systems of various levels and scales. The subject of spatial analysis is the reproductive economic process as a result of the implementation of economic relations in the global economic system, which is realized as a set of cycles of factor interactions due to the sequential influence of six basic production factors on each other. These factors are unique and inimitable in every point of the real geographic space. It has been established that the monitoring of regional factors of production is currently in great demand. The purpose of monitoring production factors is to predict the future state of natural-economic and socioeconomic systems. An assessment of the prospects for socio-economic development should be carried out on the basis of a system of integral indicators characterizing the competitiveness, sustainability and security of socioeconomic development. The most important information technologies that can provide monitoring of regional factors of production and the process of making effective decisions in the field of regional and municipal government are spatial analysis technologies on the platform of modern geographic information systems (ArcGIS, MapInfo).
Key words: factors of production, economic system, natural-economic system, socio-economic development, development indicators, spatial analysis, geographic information system.
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