Elena G. Revtova

Candidate of Sciences (Economics), Associate Professor, Department of Banking and Insurance, Orenburg State University, Prosp. Pobedy, 13, 460000 Orenburg, Russian Federation, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ,

Abstract.  The subject of the research is the essence, nature and meaning of the “credit” category. The goal is to develop a definition of the “credit” category reflecting the nature of the phenomenon it refers to. Hypothesis: the author believes that general scientific research methods based on the idea of triadicity will reveal and describe the nature of the phenomenon of credit, as well as formulate a scientifically based definition of the corresponding category. Methods: formal-logical method, method of triadic decoding of categories. As a result of using the formallogical method the author defined: a) the generic concept “loan” as a universe, part of which is the “credit” category; b) non-credit forms of loans: “bill”, “bond”, “factoring”, “leasing”; c) necessary and sufficient conditions for classifying an object as a “credit”. A scientifically grounded definition of the “credit” category was formulated. As a result of deciphering the “credit” category, the essential qualities in the “credit” object, which together make up its essence, nature and meaning, were revealed; a detailed definition of the “credit” category was received. The research into the nature of credit has shown that the closest generic concept of credit is a loan; a necessary condition for classifying a credit as a loan is the transfer or receipt of money and goods on loan; repayment, payment and urgency are sufficient conditions for classifying a credit as a loan category; as a result, “credit” is defined as a kind of loan categories, the objective essential properties of which are repayment, payment and urgency. The field of applicability of the results in theory: the possibility of using the formal-logical method to investigate the nature of the research object; to check the obtained definition of the object for logical correctness; to enter your own definitions of the research object into the subject field with the help of “triads”. In lending practice the results are applicable as follows: scientifically grounded definition of the “credit” category, understanding the essence and nature of credit, its properties: repayment, payment and urgency to determine the specific variety of credit.

Key words: credit, loan, category, urgency, payment, repayment, formal-logical method, method of triadic decoding of categories.

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